# 5 "In the city"

Arabelle ran through the street market downhill as fast as she could with Aurora following her, but when he reached the Justice Square she started feeling that bitter taste in her mouth. Then hey saw this guy about to be executed in the middle of the square, over a wooden structure. They tried to stop it but it seemed to be impossible, they only had thirty seconds to talk the guy -a middle age dark haired man, nervous smile in his face, with the symbol in his belly. They hardly understood what he was saying and then he was hanged, suddenly. But something weird happened. Arabelle told that she was able to see him after all this happened, and even talk to him (she said that the hanged man told her they were no friends so he was not going to help her). She also told something about a dead kid and a well.

Aurora get worried about Arabelle and they left the Justice Square, the big St. Cuthbert cathedral behind them. At the same time Val’ere, the priest of Light, gave a holy symbol to Adriel for Aurora. When the elf was leaving the temple he suddenly felt Aurora, Arabelle and even Wilfro where they were. Not easy to explain how but he could say how far they were and the direction… and the same for them. So they found themselves in midtown, near the Temple of Pelor, where Aurora was trying to be helped. Instead of that the priest there, an old blind man called Dionis, though she was out of her mind. So she left with her new friends.

It was a day of meetings, the walked the city because Adriel wanted to go to the called “elven Vault” to know what was that. In the entrance, the Elven Gate, they found an elf of this lands and they understood why everybody have told him he was small. The elf was really tall compared to a human. Thin. With a kind of grace in his movements, smooth, and distant. He ignored Arabelle and Aurora and only talked Adriel, in elvish language. The elf didn’t liked Adriel and more or less said he was not welcome to the Tyr Astra Vault. He called he “human”.

There is a common saying in Waterdeep: “if something can be worse it goes worse”, and so happened. One of the soldiers of the city found them because the news about a new priest of Light with power had spread out in the city and the count Alaric wanted to talk to Aurora.

The priest was sad because of all the confusion made about his little cheat in the temple of Light, so they walked to see the count in the White Castle. They stopped by in the temple of Light to prepare themselves for the meeting. Aurora tried to explain herself but eventually she couldn’t.

They went to the castle with the soldier and Val’ere to meet count Alaric, the old and very experienced ruler of the Easter March of the Kingdom of Atria, a place they didn’t knew. But they were starting to understand that the Kingdom is in the middle of a civil war, and the city of Tyr Astra was not an exception.

Alaric was old but with strong character and very used to be obeyed. He talked with them in the privacy of his main hall, alone in the shades of a dark room with the windows blinded. He explained that he needed help in something and the priest of Light (Aurora) was exactly what he needed. So they were asked to do something for him: in the last months two of his vassal feuds (Tomund and Falkyn) become rebels and supported the opposite faction in the civil war. Although he had a lot of trouble with them but it was something he can solve by himself with strong fist and battle. But there was another feud about to rebel, Requena. The fact was that in the past the daughter of the lord of Requena was going to marry his son Steven, but he died last year in an ambush. The lady, called Agnes of Requena, was still living in the White Castle. He was thinking in sending Agnes home so the lord of Requena, a nobleman called Jaime, could see his good will. Making hostages was not his style, he said. But he needed someone with special abilities able to keep the girls alive during the journey: somebody like Aurora.

Adriel asked for something in return. The count smiled and gave them ten minutes to talk privately and a bottle of wine.

Map of Tyr Astra Feuds



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