#10 Strangers in the night

The group decided to rest in the Dark Bear, the inn (nobody knows how) owned by Wilfro. There they met a little boy with a wooden sword called Edward, and Arabelle gave him a gold coin just for having something to eat.

They were feeling the “other” coming to the inn from the north, but he didn’t stopped. They were curious about who was so they went to the street by night and followed the feeling they have. Then they saw that it was a cart with horses, in the night, facing the South Gate of the city. They tried to reach the cart but in that moment Cylline, the wizard that they met in the Alliance, went out of the cart and shouted to them not to follow him or he was going to hurt them. More or less, the wizard stopped them. Then the cart left the city.

When they were going back to Wilfro’s inn, Aurora found another messenger pigeon with a little parchment:

“To the Hidden.
4th August 1081DS

Ignore last message, things have changed since three of them discovered my concealment in the Alliance so I have to scape south once finished this letter. Maybe I’ve underestimated Arabelle’s power or maybe Adriel’s, I’m not really sure how they managed to find me. By the way, we have taken back Thomas from the Mud and the prize was really high even now in the beginning because his Outsider condition: we had to make a lot of noise and kill Lord Alaric’s daughter, a powered sillenian priestess with noble blood, and pay a fortune in silver powder for the ritual. We’re taking the Third Sign outside the city and free him without memories of what happened or Us. I’ve sent a message to our spy so now is his time for informing, not mine anymore. This is my last pigeon, we’ll talk about this in few months if my travel is safe. These lands are more dangerous day by day, sometimes I even miss the hard times of the
Inquisition and the Empire.

Our goal is close. We will prevail.

Na taron ghäl ahura
Daeva nä


Surprised for this, they went back to the inn. There the little kid, Edward, was very happy about his gold coin and without intention unmasked Arabelle to Adriel’s eyes (in that moment he knew that she had the money bag he found a day ago in the Temple of Light). Adriel talked to the kid and told him he was his new squire; the kid was so happy that watched all the night for them.

A bad night for Aurora and Arabelle, they both had a big nightmare about an old man staring to them and smiling. Didn’t liked that smile.

In the morning they ate Wilfro’s food and left the little kid Edward in the inn with the mission of spying Wilfro. The kid was extremely happy.

And meanwhile they felt that “the other” was coming back to the city, just walking, they went to the front door of the White Castle where Perrin was waiting for them with lady Agnes. The lady was with her own horse and the chamberlain Perrin gave them a suit of armor (for the elf) and a couple weapons just to be able to defend themselves. Lady Agnes, a very nice looking girl dressed in blue noble clothes of traveling, talked kindly to Aurora and even to the short elf Adriel. But she didn’t talked to Arabelle even a word.

They started the trip in such way. Soon they will be very close to “the other”.



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