#11 Killing Thomas Wad in the bridge

They were stopped in the Southern Gate of Tyr Astra because the guards were looking into the cards trying to find Allana, the count’s daughter. Then they went out of the city but was then when they noticed that the feeling of proximity with somebody outside the walls was really close at same time that Wilfro, of course. So they went inside the bridge over the Lyre river at the same time that a man coming, dark haired and, actually, the same that had been hanged one day ago.

They were shocked about this and, meanwhile Aurora was trying to distract Agnes, Arabelle talked with the man, called Thomas Wad. Apparently he didn’t remembered them, just for the inn in Waterdeep, days ago. Then things went wrong since they tried to force him to go with them and he didn’t wanted to. Arabelle and Thomas argued badly and everything finished with a fight over the bridge and Adriel killing Thomas with his sword (killing somebody for third time in two days). More or less they saved the day with the guards, that thought Thomas was a thief or anything else, but at the same time Agnes went really nervous and they failed trying to recover the corpse in the river.

Arabelle lost the bag of money she had and Adriel found it for the second time.

So they thought the best was to go away quickly and travel south to Yor instead of going directly to Requena. Agnes didn’t liked the plan, especially the part of her going into the cart and Arabelle pretending she was her “just as fake target” in case of problems.

The rest of the day was quiet. They traveled south, went through the fields of corn they knew well and, finally, entered the small but walled village of Larana where they found a good inn recommended by the old guard of the night watch, Fred. The dogs of Larana also liked their visit…

But a the same time they went into Larana, they felt that Thomas was alive again, in the north. Very very angry. He went to see Wilfro but who the hell knows the reason.



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