#2 "Arriving the city of Tyr Astra"

The man in the horse was called Sir Roger, as he said. He went with them through the lands south Tyr Astra, a completely unknown city they’ve never heard about (and of course is not near Waterdeep). All that lands seemed to be devastated by war, wasted farms, ruined fields, burnt trees and even crows and wild dogs stalking in the far distance hills. Sir Roger shared his water skin with them but Wilfro drank much more than anyone else. And Adriel found a gold piece in the road. Meanwhile they bare feet were killing them.

Then they saw the city miles away, a not very big city looking old and recently attacked, big but burned walls, wooden houses, and everything very dirty beside a river. Once there, the knight recommended the elf to sell the sword in the Tresian Quarter, but Adriel didn’t knew what he was talking about. Then Sir Roger left them even without saying goodbye, in an square very crowded and full of dirty inns. There were people, animals, shit in the ground, a very deep smelling to people not washing in five years, more people selling and buying food, farmers, whores, soldiers, beggars and a lot of noise. They asked a little guy where to find the temple and he told them about the Temple of Light, beside the White Castle, uphill. But he was not very happy as far a he expected money from them. Then they realized that Wilfro the Innkeeper was not with them, but was not very hard to find (he was in an inn, speaking to men in a table). If the street seemed to be crowded the inn was even more, and even more noisy and with a lot of smoke and wine smelling. Arabelle tried to convince Wilfro to go with them but he didn’t wanted to do so. In the inn she saw a kind of halfling or gnome she didn’t saw before, so she was surprised. Outside Aurora had found new friends, four street dogs very skinny that approached her and looked friendly.

Then they saw two horsemen with a thin prisoner that surprisingly looked like them (white robe, nothing else). Actually Aurora remembered him from the inn in Waterdeep. They hided from the horsemen and avoid to be seen. Then Aurora started to dirt its cloth to look more like a beggar, and so did the elf Adriel.

They went uphill town to go to the Temple of Light. It took like fifteen minutes to reach midtown and they entered a big square with a big stone cathedral with two big towers there. They all recognized the symbol of St. Cuthbert (the Cross, God of Justice and Law) in the front of the cathedral. In that square they were a lot of wooded structures with hanged people, two dozens at least, and racks. In that place something weird happened, Arabelle started to feel bad. When they went out of the square things went better.

So they were going uptown and there the city looked even older. Between the houses they saw another cathedral being constructed. The Temple of Light, as they were said.



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