#3 "In the Temple of Light"

They went inside the Temple of Light, a cathedral that was being built within the White Castle. They saw there a lot of workers and a huge wooden scaffolding, tools, people cutting stones, making statues and such. The contrast was shocking between the poor of the houses of Tyr Astra and the magnificent look of the Temple of Light. It had a great symbol of an eight points star in the huge colored glass windows.

Aurora let the skinny dogs stay there in the steps and they three went inside of the building. It was dark and light at the same time, and also a lot of people working inside, and beggars sat down in the entrance. It was so high that there were pigeons inside.

They spoke to a very tall man, dark haired and bearded, with a white robe with an star symbol in his chest. He looked impressed by them traveling from far away and offered refuge, cloth and food. It looked that the cathedral used to receive travelers in such way because nobody was surprised. A servant (called Nigel) went with them to the big kitchens beside the atrium close to the main building, gave them a poor made tabard, line trousers and a pair of used leather shoes; later two women feed them (a kind of bread with nuts, spicy wine never tasted before, couple apples and tasty unknown cheese). They also were allowed to use the Common Room for wanderers. For some reason the two women asked Adriel why was he so small as an elf, but he couldn’t understand what was going on. Then he left downhill to take a bath in the river. If was late in the afternoon.

Arabelle kept Adriel’s sword with her meanwhile he was going downhill, although she felt a sudden bitter taste while holding it (but passed away fast, the feeling). She also kept the coin he found in the road that midday: there was a dragon in one side and said “Empire of Akenar” and a face in the other side (a man with big nose and a crown). Before dawn Arabelle did a couple questions inside the Cathedral, one worker told her about this worship (the Light).

When they met again the the Common Room there were more people going to sleep there (three dwarfs), and one of them told Adriel that his face was familiar to him…

But Adriel was more concerned about one discovering he just did while taking the bath in the river: he found a tattoo in his chest (in the heart) of one big circle and five more circles within, and strange runes drawn inside. Arabelle looked it for a while and deduced it was magical (too perfect to be hand made).

Aurora had been meditating for two or three hours. When the night fell she woke up and went to the atrium to consult the position of the stars. Nor the stars were the same nor she saw what she expected: there were two moons in the clear night sky.

Instead of one, of course. A lonely cat was looking at the stars with her. A black one.



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