#4 "Healing in the name of Light"

During the night Aurora fed the dogs that were waiting for her outside in the stairs the Temple of Light, after discovering that they were not in Faerum because of the stars and the two moons. Then went to sleep worried really tired.

They slept well that night.

The next morning even the elf woke up later than usual. The works in the temple had began again and the three dwarven travelers had gone from the Common Room. It was in that moment when Adriel found a black bag embroidered with a silver cross. Inside they found money (didn’t counted how much, but gold and silver for sure), a letter in parchment and also a used map.

The letter said:

“Son, I talk to you through my good friend Albert cause I ignore the old mysteries of writing. I must say I regret what I did in the past. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then it’s better. I don’t know if my sin has forgiveness, only Gah knows all the answers.
I never told you that years ago I served an abbot of a monastery now forgotten that the sillenian friars tried to establish in a high hill deep in Misty Forest.
I knew their secrets very well and I wanted to leave you something hidden there so you can have a better living than I did. I hope this map will help you finding that place within the woods and the monastery where I’ve hidden what is supposed to be yours. Use it with more intelligence than your father did.

I will give instructions to Albert so you, one day, will know about this letter. Be generous to him, I always trusted my friend and he never failed. I just wish have had his advice that night.

Olvier Fross"

Then they argued a little bit about what to do and if they had to ask for help for returning home. While Arabelle though the best was to leave the found bag there, Adriel didn’t liked that idea so much. They asked the tall and bearded priest of the Light if he knew that Albert or Olvier Fross… and yes, he knew Fross. He strongly recommended to be apart of that guy that used to live downhill the city. A bad guy, he told.

They went to the kitchens of the temple for breakfast bread and cow milk. While Arabelle and Adriel kept speaking about what to do, Aurora asked one of the servants for somebody needing some healing. The servants bring a kid, son of one of them called Pedrus. There was a sudden and unexpected interest in that event, so all the servants and workers went to the atrium so the sun would help Aurora feeling Pelor. But she said she was a priest of the Light so everyone thought she was in her temple… when she cured the kid it was a big emotion spread in the people watching it, they even called Maese Val’ere (that was the name of the tall priest of the Light) that was surprised and assumed she was a priest of the Light sent by the High Priestess of Treveris (they don’t know what is that, maybe the Court far south west, as far as they understood). Aurora didn’t get Val’ere out of his error and instead of that asked him a few questions and let him bring new clothes for them and some equipment that Arabelle told Nigel (the servant). Then they knew that only few priest there have divine magic, and none of them in the Temple of Light, they also heard about a Temple of Pelor in the city (guided by an old blind man), and about few confusing stories about a fallen Empire, a civil war in Atria (the kingdom they were now, as far as they they guess). Finally Aurora asked him if he recognized the five circles symbol they saw in Wildro’s hand and in Adriel’s heart, and yes, he had saw that. Although he was nervous about Aurora (he thought she was going to inform the High Priestess about how was going everything in the city of Tyr Astra and the works in the Temple of Light) he finally remembered to see the symbol in one convicted offender that was, that morning, in the Justice Square. He was going to be hanged for being a bandit and attacking a knight in the south road, the day before… that midday, very close in time.

Arabelle, went out of the Temple of Light facing Justice Square, maybe trying to see what was going on or stop something. Aurora went with her as far as she could. But it was marketday and the street was crowded.

Game Information: New items for the group include one sheath and belt, two daggers, 50 copper coins, one bag, bread for three days, one spicy cheese, two waterskins with red wine, wanderer’s boots, overcoat and trousers.

Map in the black bag



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