#6 "Deals in the afternoon"

The count Alaric left the room and they waited talking about what to do.
But they didn’t negotiate with him but his servant Perrin, a dark haired man with nervous hands. It was hard but eventually they had an agreement: they will help lord Alaric and bring lady Agnes to Requena and, in exchange, the lord agreed to provide them with a cart and a mule, food, a chain mail for the elf, a maze, one bow and arrows. They sealed the deal northern style. Next day they should meet in the castle’s main gate with Lady Agnes.

They went out of the castle and wondered what to do meanwhile. Arabelle wanted to walk around and look on the wells to find the dead kid that talked to her few hours ago. The others followed her even thinking she was out of her mind. Tried twice without seeing anything. In the third well they found a very nice dressed man -in black, long hair and blue eyes, called Cillyne. Aurora thought that this kind of dressing was not very common there so she asked him if he was of the Alliance of Magi.
Indeed he was.

Meanwhile Arabelle heard a voice inside the well asking for help. Sir Grey, she was told.

Adriel and Aurora went inside of the building of the Alliance of Magi with Cillyne. A wealthy place, with carpets and painted walls in blue and two guards in the front door with spears. They started to talk the wizard he told them he was about their world and how they reached Tyr Astra. He was the first person that believed them. He showed them a map of the lands where they were, what used to be the Empire of Akenar (now fallen fifty years ago). He also talked a bit about planar traveling and gates, a little confusing. Anyway, he looked extremely interested in their story and promised Aurora to start looking books about that. He asked her to go back the Alliance in a few days, and (very important) not to trust anybody but him… because if someone had taken them from Faerum there had to be a powerful reason underneath.

In that time Adriel went to help Arabelle in the well. She risked herself a little bit climbing down the pit. In a break in the wet wall she found the skull of Sir Grey, the dead man that (as far as she said) was talking to her. Sir Gray wanted to be buried with his father near Prisioner’s Island, in Lake Yor, south Tyr Astra. He told Arabelle that he had a hidden treasure, and as far as he was dead and not going to need it anymore, if she was able to bring him beside his father, he will tell her where to find his treasure.



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