#7 "More things happening in Tyr Astra"

After visiting the Alliance of Magi and talking to Cillyne, they decided to go to the Temple of Light again to eat something and take some rest. Arabelle kept talking to the unseen Sir Grey, she seemed to be a little crazy. When they were close to arrive the building being constructed and near the crowded street with the market something interrupted their plans, a messenger pigeon went to Aurora and landed over her. Then she saw a little wrapped message. She was curious about that so she looked it:

To the Hidden, Master of the Sign.

I have to inform about the extraordinary seriousness of the events that took
place in the city of Tyr Astra this day of 4th August. For unknown reasons
we lost the Third Seal and part of the plan was disrupted. As We previously
thought, it flowed in the Awaken of the other Seals without any chance of
being stopped by Us. Despite of this, the situation was saved, We recovered the
Seal as soon as possible and We have set up everything to recall him. So We
need to follow Jonas’ plan and abandon the current way. Now the rest of
them are distracted in local minor questions without any interest but We
should be extremely careful at this point, specially because Aurora knows
more than expected about Other Sides. I strongly recommend to be patient and
let the events to be forgotten like nothing ever happened. The Sign will
eventually prevail.

Na taron ghäl ahura
Daeva nä

They were shocked about that and widely talked about the meanings of it. Were the weird marks on their bodies the mentioned Signs? Nobody knew. And they tried to remember who knew that Aurora had knowledge about Planes… The priest let the pigeon go on with the message and it faced west and flow away…

Then Arabelle (with Sir Grey) went inside the Temple of Light, and all with her. Aurora had to assist there a lot of people asking for healing and help, but finally they went to the Pilgrim’s Room where they slept that night. Alone (with Sir Gray) Arabelle get naked and didn’t saw anything like a mark on her body, but Aurora finally found it in Arabelle’s back. A five ring mark very similar to the others.

Then they felt Wilfro coming to the Temple of Light. The innkeeper seemed to be very different from the day before. Actually a lot. He was dressed with very good garments, a glove in his right hand and a silver belt. More or less he said that felt something weird that midday and just wanted to left said he didn’t wanted to have any relationship with them. Then Adriel menaced him with his sword and told him to show the symbol in his hand. Wilfro did but didn’t looked very happy with the elf. Then he left.

They kept talking and decided to eat something in the temple’s kitchen. Few devotes had prepared a good meal for Aurora and his friends, so they were eating and discussing about the map and the bag of coins that Adriel had found that morning. Then the elf decided to look for that guy mentioned in the letter (Olvier Fross) so he left downhill in the market. Aurora and Arabelle stayed in the temple thinking and resting. They have a map of the lands around Tyr Astra so they were planning how to do with Lady Agnes and the help to Sir Grey.

The elf went to the Black Bear where Wilfro was. The innkeeper met the elf again outside the inn, and they talked about not very nicely. Adriel was looking for Fross and then Wilfro told him that he knew somebody that could be helpful. It came a dwarf, red hair and very bad dressed, with an axe in his back, and told Adriel to go with him to the River Quarter to find Fross. The elf went with him without expecting what was going to happen.

Adriel was lucky because instead of being stabbed taken by surprise, he was just going to say something and just looked back in the same moment the dwarf decided to attack him. Barely he defended himself and they fought sword to axe in the dirty and narrow streets of the River Quarters. It was quick, but suddenly the elf was still alive and the dwarf in the floor, blood everywhere, the heart about to explode. Adriel felt that Aurora and Arabelle also knew he was in danger and were coming. He was extremely nervous, that guy was the first person he killed ever in his life. Never thought was like that. So easy and so hard.



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