#8 "Dangers in the city"

Adriel killed the dwarf in the alley and waited there pretty nervous. Before Arabelle and Aurora reached the place a couple guys saw the scene and looted the dead dwarf. They told him that the dead dwarf was called Ron Kopler, and has a lot of brothers.

The girls reached the combat place and meanwhile the priest cured the elf Arabelle “spoke” to the dwarf that told her he was an assassin paid by Wilfro to kill Adriel, didn’t knew why. Sir Grey recommended her not to trust all dead people because (like living ones) some of them can be not-so-good. They heard sounds of people approaching so they left the place quickly.

They decided to go to the Temple of Pelor and talk again to the old blind priest called Dionis. Then man was still convinced that Aurora was out of her mind, so she left quite unhappy.

They were going to the Temple of Light (a place that they found a little friendly despite of it being a different religion) when suddenly they noticed that the city was a little disturbed. In the cathedral of St. Cuthbert, in the Justice Square, was happening something, the bell calling with an alarm sound and people going there to see what was going on. So did Arabelle who went to the Square (and felt bad, as always) and gathered some information. As far as she understood the count’s daughter, that was one on the highest priestess in the Cathedral, had been kidnapped one hour ago. One of the initiated of the Cathedral (they call it Cathedral of Gah, instead of St. Cutberth, but the holy symbol is the same) was with her and was speaking about weird stuff that happened in the inner rooms of the building where he was with her. Added to this, Arabelle heard stuff from the executed people in the place, they told her a couple rude things and that three men using magic had gone with the count’s daughter (called Allana) and even with the marked guy hanged half a day ago. The three men with horses had ran with horses facing north.

Concerned about this she went back to the temple. But suddenly felt that Adriel and Aurora were in danger. So they were, in fact, attacked by two dwarves dressed like beggars, maybe Kopler’s brothers, with a club and an axe. Aurora and Adriel get hurt in the struggle but finally the dwarves were defeated (and their bodies attacked by dogs that were near by). The priest and the elf ran inside the Temple of Light were they were safe. All the people there was afraid of Aurora being hurt by beggars or bandits, and the priest Val’ere aided them quickly. Then Arabelle reached the place and they talked about what to do. They were sure that if three men had kidnapped the count’s daughter one hour ago for sure they were still in the city. And if they have horses and magic only the Alliance of Magi had both.

Aurora, without spells and hurt, but armed with a quarterstaff given by Val’ere, and Arabelle left the Temple of Light during sunset, trying to discover something about what was going on. Adriel, meanwhile, was resting his wounds inside the temple, safe and warm.



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