#9 "The fight in the Alliance"

Arabelle and Aurora went to the Alliance of Magi because they thought that something wrong was going on there. They found the building guarded by an armed strong guy, white skinned and sharp looking, but the the side of the building nobody was watching. Then there Arabelle spoke with Sir Grey and convinced him to help her. She cast an spell and suddenly the dead knight head floated in the air and went up near the outside wooden beans of the blue building of the alliance. They waited a little bit during the sunset, it was nice from there looking west and sun fading in the high walls of Tyr Astra and then she recovered the skull. Sir Grey told her there were people there and that a woman was inside the room in a kind of ritual.

They get nervous and excited about the news, but in that moment Arabelle tried to climb and did so much noise that the guard heard her so they had to walk away. But not for long because once they were a little further they just decided to go back and rescue the woman from the ritual that was going on.

So they tried but the guards had noticed their intentions and now there were two armed guys instead of one.

Adriel, in the Temple of Light, noticed a little fear and excitement there so he decided to take the sword and take a look on what was going on in the Alliance. Happily the elf did that because in the street the priest and the bard finally tried to fight the two armed guards almost with a dagger and a quarterstaff, no spells or anything to help them. The fight was not even close to be even, one of the guards hurt badly Arabelle and the other hit Aurora. But suddenly, from one ally, came Adriel running and slashed one of the guys with his sword and also killed the other one in few seconds.

Two very angry spirits, Arabelle noticed.

Someone inside the building of the Alliance watched them killing the guards in the street; and they were very bad hurt. Despite of this, Arabelle used her spell again to a final look on the Alliance room. Then she saw a robe dressed girl with a cross in her chest fading out and saying that she had been exchanged…

Then they noticed a presence like Wilfro or themselves inside the Alliance of Magi. This freaked them out and they run away from there.

The night had came so they run into the empty streets for twenty minutes noticing that Wilfro was waiting for them in the Inn’s Square. In the north of the city they noticed that the new presence was moving towards them.

They met Wilfro in the street, he was not alone, seven guys with clubs and torches were with him and looking bad. The innkeeper, more or less, apologized for attacking the elf and offered a peace deal. They had to promise not to hurt him and all was forbidden. Arabelle added a condition: nothing about them should be told to anybody. Wilfro agreed and Aurora the most trusted by the innkeeper, by far promised for everyone in her side.

The night was dark so they decided to stay in Wilfro’s inn to be safe from harm, rest the wounds many and see what was going on with that presence coming. More questions in the air, for example how the hell Wilfro was the owner of an inn in just one day since the cornfield. What happened to the girl. Where the hell they were.



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