#1 The Corn Field

Everybody woke up in a corn field, very confused, barefoot and just wearing a white robe (the elf was blooded but not wounded, and a longsword of steel was beside him). It has hot, sunny blue sky, like summer. Nothing in the horizon. They didn’t remembered anything. In the corn field was also the innkeeper from Waterdeep’s inn, really nervous (he told them his name was Wilfro). After a while they managed to get out of the field (since Adriel, the elf, have seen a road north to south, maybe). So they followed the road, still confused. Five minutes later they saw a man in a horse, wearing chain mail and looking as a knight or warrior, very serious. In spite that in the beginning it seemed he thought they were bandits, eventually Arabel could talk to him and ask for help. That road was very dangerous, said the man. Better to go north to Tyr Astra. Maybe a city?

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