#11 Killing Thomas Wad in the bridge

They were stopped in the Southern Gate of Tyr Astra because the guards were looking into the cards trying to find Allana, the count’s daughter. Then they went out of the city but was then when they noticed that the feeling of proximity with somebody outside the walls was really close at same time that Wilfro, of course. So they went inside the bridge over the Lyre river at the same time that a man coming, dark haired and, actually, the same that had been hanged one day ago.

They were shocked about this and, meanwhile Aurora was trying to distract Agnes, Arabelle talked with the man, called Thomas Wad. Apparently he didn’t remembered them, just for the inn in Waterdeep, days ago. Then things went wrong since they tried to force him to go with them and he didn’t wanted to. Arabelle and Thomas argued badly and everything finished with a fight over the bridge and Adriel killing Thomas with his sword (killing somebody for third time in two days). More or less they saved the day with the guards, that thought Thomas was a thief or anything else, but at the same time Agnes went really nervous and they failed trying to recover the corpse in the river.

Arabelle lost the bag of money she had and Adriel found it for the second time.

So they thought the best was to go away quickly and travel south to Yor instead of going directly to Requena. Agnes didn’t liked the plan, especially the part of her going into the cart and Arabelle pretending she was her “just as fake target” in case of problems.

The rest of the day was quiet. They traveled south, went through the fields of corn they knew well and, finally, entered the small but walled village of Larana where they found a good inn recommended by the old guard of the night watch, Fred. The dogs of Larana also liked their visit…

But a the same time they went into Larana, they felt that Thomas was alive again, in the north. Very very angry. He went to see Wilfro but who the hell knows the reason.

#10 Strangers in the night

The group decided to rest in the Dark Bear, the inn (nobody knows how) owned by Wilfro. There they met a little boy with a wooden sword called Edward, and Arabelle gave him a gold coin just for having something to eat.

They were feeling the “other” coming to the inn from the north, but he didn’t stopped. They were curious about who was so they went to the street by night and followed the feeling they have. Then they saw that it was a cart with horses, in the night, facing the South Gate of the city. They tried to reach the cart but in that moment Cylline, the wizard that they met in the Alliance, went out of the cart and shouted to them not to follow him or he was going to hurt them. More or less, the wizard stopped them. Then the cart left the city.

When they were going back to Wilfro’s inn, Aurora found another messenger pigeon with a little parchment:

“To the Hidden.
4th August 1081DS

Ignore last message, things have changed since three of them discovered my concealment in the Alliance so I have to scape south once finished this letter. Maybe I’ve underestimated Arabelle’s power or maybe Adriel’s, I’m not really sure how they managed to find me. By the way, we have taken back Thomas from the Mud and the prize was really high even now in the beginning because his Outsider condition: we had to make a lot of noise and kill Lord Alaric’s daughter, a powered sillenian priestess with noble blood, and pay a fortune in silver powder for the ritual. We’re taking the Third Sign outside the city and free him without memories of what happened or Us. I’ve sent a message to our spy so now is his time for informing, not mine anymore. This is my last pigeon, we’ll talk about this in few months if my travel is safe. These lands are more dangerous day by day, sometimes I even miss the hard times of the
Inquisition and the Empire.

Our goal is close. We will prevail.

Na taron ghäl ahura
Daeva nä


Surprised for this, they went back to the inn. There the little kid, Edward, was very happy about his gold coin and without intention unmasked Arabelle to Adriel’s eyes (in that moment he knew that she had the money bag he found a day ago in the Temple of Light). Adriel talked to the kid and told him he was his new squire; the kid was so happy that watched all the night for them.

A bad night for Aurora and Arabelle, they both had a big nightmare about an old man staring to them and smiling. Didn’t liked that smile.

In the morning they ate Wilfro’s food and left the little kid Edward in the inn with the mission of spying Wilfro. The kid was extremely happy.

And meanwhile they felt that “the other” was coming back to the city, just walking, they went to the front door of the White Castle where Perrin was waiting for them with lady Agnes. The lady was with her own horse and the chamberlain Perrin gave them a suit of armor (for the elf) and a couple weapons just to be able to defend themselves. Lady Agnes, a very nice looking girl dressed in blue noble clothes of traveling, talked kindly to Aurora and even to the short elf Adriel. But she didn’t talked to Arabelle even a word.

They started the trip in such way. Soon they will be very close to “the other”.

#9 "The fight in the Alliance"

Arabelle and Aurora went to the Alliance of Magi because they thought that something wrong was going on there. They found the building guarded by an armed strong guy, white skinned and sharp looking, but the the side of the building nobody was watching. Then there Arabelle spoke with Sir Grey and convinced him to help her. She cast an spell and suddenly the dead knight head floated in the air and went up near the outside wooden beans of the blue building of the alliance. They waited a little bit during the sunset, it was nice from there looking west and sun fading in the high walls of Tyr Astra and then she recovered the skull. Sir Grey told her there were people there and that a woman was inside the room in a kind of ritual.

They get nervous and excited about the news, but in that moment Arabelle tried to climb and did so much noise that the guard heard her so they had to walk away. But not for long because once they were a little further they just decided to go back and rescue the woman from the ritual that was going on.

So they tried but the guards had noticed their intentions and now there were two armed guys instead of one.

Adriel, in the Temple of Light, noticed a little fear and excitement there so he decided to take the sword and take a look on what was going on in the Alliance. Happily the elf did that because in the street the priest and the bard finally tried to fight the two armed guards almost with a dagger and a quarterstaff, no spells or anything to help them. The fight was not even close to be even, one of the guards hurt badly Arabelle and the other hit Aurora. But suddenly, from one ally, came Adriel running and slashed one of the guys with his sword and also killed the other one in few seconds.

Two very angry spirits, Arabelle noticed.

Someone inside the building of the Alliance watched them killing the guards in the street; and they were very bad hurt. Despite of this, Arabelle used her spell again to a final look on the Alliance room. Then she saw a robe dressed girl with a cross in her chest fading out and saying that she had been exchanged…

Then they noticed a presence like Wilfro or themselves inside the Alliance of Magi. This freaked them out and they run away from there.

The night had came so they run into the empty streets for twenty minutes noticing that Wilfro was waiting for them in the Inn’s Square. In the north of the city they noticed that the new presence was moving towards them.

They met Wilfro in the street, he was not alone, seven guys with clubs and torches were with him and looking bad. The innkeeper, more or less, apologized for attacking the elf and offered a peace deal. They had to promise not to hurt him and all was forbidden. Arabelle added a condition: nothing about them should be told to anybody. Wilfro agreed and Aurora the most trusted by the innkeeper, by far promised for everyone in her side.

The night was dark so they decided to stay in Wilfro’s inn to be safe from harm, rest the wounds many and see what was going on with that presence coming. More questions in the air, for example how the hell Wilfro was the owner of an inn in just one day since the cornfield. What happened to the girl. Where the hell they were.

#8 "Dangers in the city"

Adriel killed the dwarf in the alley and waited there pretty nervous. Before Arabelle and Aurora reached the place a couple guys saw the scene and looted the dead dwarf. They told him that the dead dwarf was called Ron Kopler, and has a lot of brothers.

The girls reached the combat place and meanwhile the priest cured the elf Arabelle “spoke” to the dwarf that told her he was an assassin paid by Wilfro to kill Adriel, didn’t knew why. Sir Grey recommended her not to trust all dead people because (like living ones) some of them can be not-so-good. They heard sounds of people approaching so they left the place quickly.

They decided to go to the Temple of Pelor and talk again to the old blind priest called Dionis. Then man was still convinced that Aurora was out of her mind, so she left quite unhappy.

They were going to the Temple of Light (a place that they found a little friendly despite of it being a different religion) when suddenly they noticed that the city was a little disturbed. In the cathedral of St. Cuthbert, in the Justice Square, was happening something, the bell calling with an alarm sound and people going there to see what was going on. So did Arabelle who went to the Square (and felt bad, as always) and gathered some information. As far as she understood the count’s daughter, that was one on the highest priestess in the Cathedral, had been kidnapped one hour ago. One of the initiated of the Cathedral (they call it Cathedral of Gah, instead of St. Cutberth, but the holy symbol is the same) was with her and was speaking about weird stuff that happened in the inner rooms of the building where he was with her. Added to this, Arabelle heard stuff from the executed people in the place, they told her a couple rude things and that three men using magic had gone with the count’s daughter (called Allana) and even with the marked guy hanged half a day ago. The three men with horses had ran with horses facing north.

Concerned about this she went back to the temple. But suddenly felt that Adriel and Aurora were in danger. So they were, in fact, attacked by two dwarves dressed like beggars, maybe Kopler’s brothers, with a club and an axe. Aurora and Adriel get hurt in the struggle but finally the dwarves were defeated (and their bodies attacked by dogs that were near by). The priest and the elf ran inside the Temple of Light were they were safe. All the people there was afraid of Aurora being hurt by beggars or bandits, and the priest Val’ere aided them quickly. Then Arabelle reached the place and they talked about what to do. They were sure that if three men had kidnapped the count’s daughter one hour ago for sure they were still in the city. And if they have horses and magic only the Alliance of Magi had both.

Aurora, without spells and hurt, but armed with a quarterstaff given by Val’ere, and Arabelle left the Temple of Light during sunset, trying to discover something about what was going on. Adriel, meanwhile, was resting his wounds inside the temple, safe and warm.

#7 "More things happening in Tyr Astra"

After visiting the Alliance of Magi and talking to Cillyne, they decided to go to the Temple of Light again to eat something and take some rest. Arabelle kept talking to the unseen Sir Grey, she seemed to be a little crazy. When they were close to arrive the building being constructed and near the crowded street with the market something interrupted their plans, a messenger pigeon went to Aurora and landed over her. Then she saw a little wrapped message. She was curious about that so she looked it:

To the Hidden, Master of the Sign.

I have to inform about the extraordinary seriousness of the events that took
place in the city of Tyr Astra this day of 4th August. For unknown reasons
we lost the Third Seal and part of the plan was disrupted. As We previously
thought, it flowed in the Awaken of the other Seals without any chance of
being stopped by Us. Despite of this, the situation was saved, We recovered the
Seal as soon as possible and We have set up everything to recall him. So We
need to follow Jonas’ plan and abandon the current way. Now the rest of
them are distracted in local minor questions without any interest but We
should be extremely careful at this point, specially because Aurora knows
more than expected about Other Sides. I strongly recommend to be patient and
let the events to be forgotten like nothing ever happened. The Sign will
eventually prevail.

Na taron ghäl ahura
Daeva nä

They were shocked about that and widely talked about the meanings of it. Were the weird marks on their bodies the mentioned Signs? Nobody knew. And they tried to remember who knew that Aurora had knowledge about Planes… The priest let the pigeon go on with the message and it faced west and flow away…

Then Arabelle (with Sir Grey) went inside the Temple of Light, and all with her. Aurora had to assist there a lot of people asking for healing and help, but finally they went to the Pilgrim’s Room where they slept that night. Alone (with Sir Gray) Arabelle get naked and didn’t saw anything like a mark on her body, but Aurora finally found it in Arabelle’s back. A five ring mark very similar to the others.

Then they felt Wilfro coming to the Temple of Light. The innkeeper seemed to be very different from the day before. Actually a lot. He was dressed with very good garments, a glove in his right hand and a silver belt. More or less he said that felt something weird that midday and just wanted to left said he didn’t wanted to have any relationship with them. Then Adriel menaced him with his sword and told him to show the symbol in his hand. Wilfro did but didn’t looked very happy with the elf. Then he left.

They kept talking and decided to eat something in the temple’s kitchen. Few devotes had prepared a good meal for Aurora and his friends, so they were eating and discussing about the map and the bag of coins that Adriel had found that morning. Then the elf decided to look for that guy mentioned in the letter (Olvier Fross) so he left downhill in the market. Aurora and Arabelle stayed in the temple thinking and resting. They have a map of the lands around Tyr Astra so they were planning how to do with Lady Agnes and the help to Sir Grey.

The elf went to the Black Bear where Wilfro was. The innkeeper met the elf again outside the inn, and they talked about not very nicely. Adriel was looking for Fross and then Wilfro told him that he knew somebody that could be helpful. It came a dwarf, red hair and very bad dressed, with an axe in his back, and told Adriel to go with him to the River Quarter to find Fross. The elf went with him without expecting what was going to happen.

Adriel was lucky because instead of being stabbed taken by surprise, he was just going to say something and just looked back in the same moment the dwarf decided to attack him. Barely he defended himself and they fought sword to axe in the dirty and narrow streets of the River Quarters. It was quick, but suddenly the elf was still alive and the dwarf in the floor, blood everywhere, the heart about to explode. Adriel felt that Aurora and Arabelle also knew he was in danger and were coming. He was extremely nervous, that guy was the first person he killed ever in his life. Never thought was like that. So easy and so hard.

#6 "Deals in the afternoon"

The count Alaric left the room and they waited talking about what to do.
But they didn’t negotiate with him but his servant Perrin, a dark haired man with nervous hands. It was hard but eventually they had an agreement: they will help lord Alaric and bring lady Agnes to Requena and, in exchange, the lord agreed to provide them with a cart and a mule, food, a chain mail for the elf, a maze, one bow and arrows. They sealed the deal northern style. Next day they should meet in the castle’s main gate with Lady Agnes.

They went out of the castle and wondered what to do meanwhile. Arabelle wanted to walk around and look on the wells to find the dead kid that talked to her few hours ago. The others followed her even thinking she was out of her mind. Tried twice without seeing anything. In the third well they found a very nice dressed man -in black, long hair and blue eyes, called Cillyne. Aurora thought that this kind of dressing was not very common there so she asked him if he was of the Alliance of Magi.
Indeed he was.

Meanwhile Arabelle heard a voice inside the well asking for help. Sir Grey, she was told.

Adriel and Aurora went inside of the building of the Alliance of Magi with Cillyne. A wealthy place, with carpets and painted walls in blue and two guards in the front door with spears. They started to talk the wizard he told them he was about their world and how they reached Tyr Astra. He was the first person that believed them. He showed them a map of the lands where they were, what used to be the Empire of Akenar (now fallen fifty years ago). He also talked a bit about planar traveling and gates, a little confusing. Anyway, he looked extremely interested in their story and promised Aurora to start looking books about that. He asked her to go back the Alliance in a few days, and (very important) not to trust anybody but him… because if someone had taken them from Faerum there had to be a powerful reason underneath.

In that time Adriel went to help Arabelle in the well. She risked herself a little bit climbing down the pit. In a break in the wet wall she found the skull of Sir Grey, the dead man that (as far as she said) was talking to her. Sir Gray wanted to be buried with his father near Prisioner’s Island, in Lake Yor, south Tyr Astra. He told Arabelle that he had a hidden treasure, and as far as he was dead and not going to need it anymore, if she was able to bring him beside his father, he will tell her where to find his treasure.

# 5 "In the city"

Arabelle ran through the street market downhill as fast as she could with Aurora following her, but when he reached the Justice Square she started feeling that bitter taste in her mouth. Then hey saw this guy about to be executed in the middle of the square, over a wooden structure. They tried to stop it but it seemed to be impossible, they only had thirty seconds to talk the guy -a middle age dark haired man, nervous smile in his face, with the symbol in his belly. They hardly understood what he was saying and then he was hanged, suddenly. But something weird happened. Arabelle told that she was able to see him after all this happened, and even talk to him (she said that the hanged man told her they were no friends so he was not going to help her). She also told something about a dead kid and a well.

Aurora get worried about Arabelle and they left the Justice Square, the big St. Cuthbert cathedral behind them. At the same time Val’ere, the priest of Light, gave a holy symbol to Adriel for Aurora. When the elf was leaving the temple he suddenly felt Aurora, Arabelle and even Wilfro where they were. Not easy to explain how but he could say how far they were and the direction… and the same for them. So they found themselves in midtown, near the Temple of Pelor, where Aurora was trying to be helped. Instead of that the priest there, an old blind man called Dionis, though she was out of her mind. So she left with her new friends.

It was a day of meetings, the walked the city because Adriel wanted to go to the called “elven Vault” to know what was that. In the entrance, the Elven Gate, they found an elf of this lands and they understood why everybody have told him he was small. The elf was really tall compared to a human. Thin. With a kind of grace in his movements, smooth, and distant. He ignored Arabelle and Aurora and only talked Adriel, in elvish language. The elf didn’t liked Adriel and more or less said he was not welcome to the Tyr Astra Vault. He called he “human”.

There is a common saying in Waterdeep: “if something can be worse it goes worse”, and so happened. One of the soldiers of the city found them because the news about a new priest of Light with power had spread out in the city and the count Alaric wanted to talk to Aurora.

The priest was sad because of all the confusion made about his little cheat in the temple of Light, so they walked to see the count in the White Castle. They stopped by in the temple of Light to prepare themselves for the meeting. Aurora tried to explain herself but eventually she couldn’t.

They went to the castle with the soldier and Val’ere to meet count Alaric, the old and very experienced ruler of the Easter March of the Kingdom of Atria, a place they didn’t knew. But they were starting to understand that the Kingdom is in the middle of a civil war, and the city of Tyr Astra was not an exception.

Alaric was old but with strong character and very used to be obeyed. He talked with them in the privacy of his main hall, alone in the shades of a dark room with the windows blinded. He explained that he needed help in something and the priest of Light (Aurora) was exactly what he needed. So they were asked to do something for him: in the last months two of his vassal feuds (Tomund and Falkyn) become rebels and supported the opposite faction in the civil war. Although he had a lot of trouble with them but it was something he can solve by himself with strong fist and battle. But there was another feud about to rebel, Requena. The fact was that in the past the daughter of the lord of Requena was going to marry his son Steven, but he died last year in an ambush. The lady, called Agnes of Requena, was still living in the White Castle. He was thinking in sending Agnes home so the lord of Requena, a nobleman called Jaime, could see his good will. Making hostages was not his style, he said. But he needed someone with special abilities able to keep the girls alive during the journey: somebody like Aurora.

Adriel asked for something in return. The count smiled and gave them ten minutes to talk privately and a bottle of wine.

Map of Tyr Astra Feuds

#4 "Healing in the name of Light"

During the night Aurora fed the dogs that were waiting for her outside in the stairs the Temple of Light, after discovering that they were not in Faerum because of the stars and the two moons. Then went to sleep worried really tired.

They slept well that night.

The next morning even the elf woke up later than usual. The works in the temple had began again and the three dwarven travelers had gone from the Common Room. It was in that moment when Adriel found a black bag embroidered with a silver cross. Inside they found money (didn’t counted how much, but gold and silver for sure), a letter in parchment and also a used map.

The letter said:

“Son, I talk to you through my good friend Albert cause I ignore the old mysteries of writing. I must say I regret what I did in the past. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then it’s better. I don’t know if my sin has forgiveness, only Gah knows all the answers.
I never told you that years ago I served an abbot of a monastery now forgotten that the sillenian friars tried to establish in a high hill deep in Misty Forest.
I knew their secrets very well and I wanted to leave you something hidden there so you can have a better living than I did. I hope this map will help you finding that place within the woods and the monastery where I’ve hidden what is supposed to be yours. Use it with more intelligence than your father did.

I will give instructions to Albert so you, one day, will know about this letter. Be generous to him, I always trusted my friend and he never failed. I just wish have had his advice that night.

Olvier Fross"

Then they argued a little bit about what to do and if they had to ask for help for returning home. While Arabelle though the best was to leave the found bag there, Adriel didn’t liked that idea so much. They asked the tall and bearded priest of the Light if he knew that Albert or Olvier Fross… and yes, he knew Fross. He strongly recommended to be apart of that guy that used to live downhill the city. A bad guy, he told.

They went to the kitchens of the temple for breakfast bread and cow milk. While Arabelle and Adriel kept speaking about what to do, Aurora asked one of the servants for somebody needing some healing. The servants bring a kid, son of one of them called Pedrus. There was a sudden and unexpected interest in that event, so all the servants and workers went to the atrium so the sun would help Aurora feeling Pelor. But she said she was a priest of the Light so everyone thought she was in her temple… when she cured the kid it was a big emotion spread in the people watching it, they even called Maese Val’ere (that was the name of the tall priest of the Light) that was surprised and assumed she was a priest of the Light sent by the High Priestess of Treveris (they don’t know what is that, maybe the Court far south west, as far as they understood). Aurora didn’t get Val’ere out of his error and instead of that asked him a few questions and let him bring new clothes for them and some equipment that Arabelle told Nigel (the servant). Then they knew that only few priest there have divine magic, and none of them in the Temple of Light, they also heard about a Temple of Pelor in the city (guided by an old blind man), and about few confusing stories about a fallen Empire, a civil war in Atria (the kingdom they were now, as far as they they guess). Finally Aurora asked him if he recognized the five circles symbol they saw in Wildro’s hand and in Adriel’s heart, and yes, he had saw that. Although he was nervous about Aurora (he thought she was going to inform the High Priestess about how was going everything in the city of Tyr Astra and the works in the Temple of Light) he finally remembered to see the symbol in one convicted offender that was, that morning, in the Justice Square. He was going to be hanged for being a bandit and attacking a knight in the south road, the day before… that midday, very close in time.

Arabelle, went out of the Temple of Light facing Justice Square, maybe trying to see what was going on or stop something. Aurora went with her as far as she could. But it was marketday and the street was crowded.

Game Information: New items for the group include one sheath and belt, two daggers, 50 copper coins, one bag, bread for three days, one spicy cheese, two waterskins with red wine, wanderer’s boots, overcoat and trousers.

Map in the black bag

#3 "In the Temple of Light"

They went inside the Temple of Light, a cathedral that was being built within the White Castle. They saw there a lot of workers and a huge wooden scaffolding, tools, people cutting stones, making statues and such. The contrast was shocking between the poor of the houses of Tyr Astra and the magnificent look of the Temple of Light. It had a great symbol of an eight points star in the huge colored glass windows.

Aurora let the skinny dogs stay there in the steps and they three went inside of the building. It was dark and light at the same time, and also a lot of people working inside, and beggars sat down in the entrance. It was so high that there were pigeons inside.

They spoke to a very tall man, dark haired and bearded, with a white robe with an star symbol in his chest. He looked impressed by them traveling from far away and offered refuge, cloth and food. It looked that the cathedral used to receive travelers in such way because nobody was surprised. A servant (called Nigel) went with them to the big kitchens beside the atrium close to the main building, gave them a poor made tabard, line trousers and a pair of used leather shoes; later two women feed them (a kind of bread with nuts, spicy wine never tasted before, couple apples and tasty unknown cheese). They also were allowed to use the Common Room for wanderers. For some reason the two women asked Adriel why was he so small as an elf, but he couldn’t understand what was going on. Then he left downhill to take a bath in the river. If was late in the afternoon.

Arabelle kept Adriel’s sword with her meanwhile he was going downhill, although she felt a sudden bitter taste while holding it (but passed away fast, the feeling). She also kept the coin he found in the road that midday: there was a dragon in one side and said “Empire of Akenar” and a face in the other side (a man with big nose and a crown). Before dawn Arabelle did a couple questions inside the Cathedral, one worker told her about this worship (the Light).

When they met again the the Common Room there were more people going to sleep there (three dwarfs), and one of them told Adriel that his face was familiar to him…

But Adriel was more concerned about one discovering he just did while taking the bath in the river: he found a tattoo in his chest (in the heart) of one big circle and five more circles within, and strange runes drawn inside. Arabelle looked it for a while and deduced it was magical (too perfect to be hand made).

Aurora had been meditating for two or three hours. When the night fell she woke up and went to the atrium to consult the position of the stars. Nor the stars were the same nor she saw what she expected: there were two moons in the clear night sky.

Instead of one, of course. A lonely cat was looking at the stars with her. A black one.

#2 "Arriving the city of Tyr Astra"

The man in the horse was called Sir Roger, as he said. He went with them through the lands south Tyr Astra, a completely unknown city they’ve never heard about (and of course is not near Waterdeep). All that lands seemed to be devastated by war, wasted farms, ruined fields, burnt trees and even crows and wild dogs stalking in the far distance hills. Sir Roger shared his water skin with them but Wilfro drank much more than anyone else. And Adriel found a gold piece in the road. Meanwhile they bare feet were killing them.

Then they saw the city miles away, a not very big city looking old and recently attacked, big but burned walls, wooden houses, and everything very dirty beside a river. Once there, the knight recommended the elf to sell the sword in the Tresian Quarter, but Adriel didn’t knew what he was talking about. Then Sir Roger left them even without saying goodbye, in an square very crowded and full of dirty inns. There were people, animals, shit in the ground, a very deep smelling to people not washing in five years, more people selling and buying food, farmers, whores, soldiers, beggars and a lot of noise. They asked a little guy where to find the temple and he told them about the Temple of Light, beside the White Castle, uphill. But he was not very happy as far a he expected money from them. Then they realized that Wilfro the Innkeeper was not with them, but was not very hard to find (he was in an inn, speaking to men in a table). If the street seemed to be crowded the inn was even more, and even more noisy and with a lot of smoke and wine smelling. Arabelle tried to convince Wilfro to go with them but he didn’t wanted to do so. In the inn she saw a kind of halfling or gnome she didn’t saw before, so she was surprised. Outside Aurora had found new friends, four street dogs very skinny that approached her and looked friendly.

Then they saw two horsemen with a thin prisoner that surprisingly looked like them (white robe, nothing else). Actually Aurora remembered him from the inn in Waterdeep. They hided from the horsemen and avoid to be seen. Then Aurora started to dirt its cloth to look more like a beggar, and so did the elf Adriel.

They went uphill town to go to the Temple of Light. It took like fifteen minutes to reach midtown and they entered a big square with a big stone cathedral with two big towers there. They all recognized the symbol of St. Cuthbert (the Cross, God of Justice and Law) in the front of the cathedral. In that square they were a lot of wooded structures with hanged people, two dozens at least, and racks. In that place something weird happened, Arabelle started to feel bad. When they went out of the square things went better.

So they were going uptown and there the city looked even older. Between the houses they saw another cathedral being constructed. The Temple of Light, as they were said.


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